28/06/2023 - Roma

Subsidiary security, broadening areas of intervention

Interview with Giulio Gravina, Co-founder of Italpol Vigilanza Group

Since 1975, Italpol Vigilanza is among the main and most active institutes of private security in Italy, offering numerous services for the protection and security of its citizens.


13/06/2023 - Roma

Summit Sicurezza at the Think Tank Futuro Italia Remind

Giulio Gravina’s stance on protecting property and people

The Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri Giorgia Meloni inaugurated the Think Tank Futuro Italia Remind, the event chaired by Paolo Crisafi, President of Remind, in collaboration with the European Parliament Italian Office directed by Carlo Carozza, in which the representatives of local, national and European institutions, and companies strongly active in the production industries of […]


01/06/2023 - Rieti

Traffic blocked at San Camillo de Lellis Hospital

Italpol Vigilanza unblocks the road from the vehicle

On Thursday, June 1st, an elderly man got into the wrong lane, getting stuck with his vehicle on the back of the reinforced concrete curb that separates the lanes in the San Camillo de Lellis Hospital area. An agitated situation that required a quick removal of the vehicle that, remaining stuck and unable to proceed, […]