Cyber security

Cyber Security is still a complex, expensive service that only large companies can afford.
But cyber threats are increasingly more real, happen daily, and affect everyone. So what can you do to protect yourself at home and in the office?

Italpol Vigilanza, the surveillance market leader in management of complex operations rooms, with alarm and remote alarm connections, has extended its activities to logical security through its Cyber Vigilance service, a simple, powerful Cyber Security solution.

Protect your home and office from web threats with the Cyber-vigilant alarm system directly from our Control Room.
The integrated Cyber Vigilance solution enables constant monitoring:

  • Alarm systems.
  • Video surveillance systems.
  • Home automation systems.
  • Smartphone.
  • Computer.
  • Tablet.

A simple, effective way to protect all systems connected to your Internet connection.
Provide security for your business and peace of mind for your family.

Cyber Vigilance is a simple, intelligent, all-in-one shield that connects to the home or office router and protects all devices from all kinds of cyber attacks, constantly monitored by our control room.
An advanced solution that:

  • Safeguards personal data.
  • Makes it safe to use Internet.
  • Blocks advertisements.
  • Protect your private information from threats when using your device abroad with the integrated VPN server.

Three simple solutions

Tailor-made for you and perfectly integrated with our alarm and video surveillance system:

  • Cyber Vigilance Blue: simple, powerful, affordable cyber security. Ideal for protecting your home, your family, and working from home.
  • Cyber Vigilance Purple: Gigabit Dual-Port Cyber Security to protect your business.
  • Cyber Vigilance Gold: maximum protection and multi-gigabit cyber security to protect your business.

Small companies are increasingly becoming the easy prey of hacker attacks. More often than not companies do not have the means or possibilities for defending themselves, exposing themselves to the risk of theft of confidential information which, in worst case scenarios, leads the unfortunate company to the brink of bankruptcy.

Thanks to Italpol’s cybersecurity services, small companies now have the opportunity to prevent various types of cyber attacks.

Together with management, technological, consultancy and training services, our company offers the following services to protect against digital hazards:

  • Management of identity and access
  • Protection of passwords and connection
  • Protection guaranteed against hacker attacks, viruses and malware
  • Safe storage of passwords to prevent identity theft

Just like small companies, large companies are also continuously exposed to risks of breaches in security and attacks on their IT systems.

This leads them to require the cybersecurity services offered by our company to guarantee the necessary protection when browsing on the Internet.

In an era such as this, in which cyber security is an unavoidable part of business, we have developed services that are able to satisfy the needs of any company.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) that guarantees the encryption of Internet traffic for secure browsing
  • Continuous monitoring of systems
  • Prevention of virus and malware attacks
  • Control of data traffic
  • Verification of server and device function
  • Management of information concerning identity

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