Italpol training

To ensure and ensure our customers an excellent safety network, every year we program specific and supplementary refresher courses aimed at both Security Guards and Unarmed Personnel for specific reception services.

The students are carefully instructed on the correct execution of the services for which the Internal Rules prepared by the Supervisory Institutes are applied on the basis of the rules of the Consolidated Law of Public Safety.

Safety and security courses

  • Medical first aid, with training in the use of defibrillators
  • Prevention and rules of conduct in the event of fire
  • Emergency and Evacuation Team Members, Italian Legislative Decree 81/2000 (pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 626/94) and subsequent amendments and integrations (Italian Legislative Decree 242/96) and Italian Ministerial Decree 64/98
  • Hygiene and Occupational safety (Italian Legislative Decree 81/2000
  • Law nĀ° 675/96 “Protection of people and other subjects with the processing of personal data” (Italian Legislative Decree 196/03)
  • Analysis of the role of company figures involved in security projects
  • Acquisition of concepts behind data protection and information system security
  • Special Courses for hospitals, procedures for managing alarms in Biobanks
  • Plan for the prevention and management of emergencies and evacuation plan
  • Courses for the certification of additional security service personnel (Italian Ministerial Decree 154/2009)
  • Professional refresher course for airport security (Italian Legislative Decree 85/99)
  • Aspects and rules of jurisdiction of the Civil Criminal Code
  • Rules regarding the Consolidated Law on Public Security
  • Limits and applications in the exercise of executive power in its individual expressions
  • Exercise of surveillance power in the light of the standards set forth in Italian Law 300/1970
  • Analysis of article 2 of Law 300/1970 (employment of the qualified security guards involved in the protection of the company assets)
  • Training at the National Shooting Range in the use and handling of weapons
  • Martial Arts for personal defence
  • Concept of risk and how risks can be managed
  • Profiling and Screening Techniques
  • Techniques for passive and active personal defence
  • Techniques for special security details
  • Crisis management techniques
  • Operational countermeasure techniques
  • Immediate Automatic Reaction Techniques
  • Bug sweeping techniques
  • Inspections with metal detectors and x-ray screening
  • Inspections with explosive detectors
  • Inspections with canine units
  • Techniques for reading control systems (ER.D.S.) (EDD)
  • Techniques for the protection of private areas subject to State secrets (Security Clearence)
  • Techniques for the defence of vulnerables targets
  • Techni for the control of access points and protection of buildings and public and private areas
  • Techniques for learning about the area Special techniques for the radiomobile department

Italpol devotes particular attention to the physical preparation of Security Guards, and plans, thanks to a well-researched Physical Education Plan, a rotation of resources, who are continuously trained and prepared to tackle any operational complications that require defence measures.

The instructors are former athletes who have excelled in important competitive activities.
The practical training is carried out by specialised expert instructors (mostly former Israeli and American military personnel), who teach point shooting exercises in various operational situations and combat techniques necessary to neutralise potential aggressors (suicide terrorist), as well as techniques for identifying suspects (body language, expression, voice, posture, gestures, etc. …).
To complete the training, various methods are taught for modifying routine during surveillance operations and therefore avoid the possibility of attack.