Company surveillance

A continous surveillance service, with our highly trained and qualified armed security guards, is coordinated by an operations centre in service 24 hours a day, every day.

The security guards are also provided all the tools necessary to guarantee both active and passive security.

In addition to this, our personnel may also be trained in other services such as fire prevention and first aid.

We use a highly specialised team of professionals to design, install and maintain security systems. They are qualified in:

  • Installation and maintenance of industrial electrical systems
  • Fire detection
  • Security systems
  • Remote video surveillance
  • CCTV
  • Control equipment
  • Telephone systems and data tranmission
  • Search for solutions and technologies to offer a fully integrated security system

Our company Italpol Vigilanza guarantees service coverage all over Italy, either through our offices or through carefully selected qualified partners.

With this organisation ,we provide our clients with complete assistance at all stages, ranging from analysis and risk assessment to system construction and after-sales assistance.

The remote monitoring service, rapid alarm response and satellite monitoring service are aimed at safeguarding the client’s moveable and immoveable property.

By using cutting-edge technology, we are able to guarantee security 24 hours a day.

This service is also provided for vehicles. Our devices allow us to know, at any moment, the exact position of the vehicles, which are equipped with a special detections system, anywhere in Italy with an accuracy of up to 10/15 metres.

In our operational headquarters in Rome, we possess a modern vault protected by sophisticated alarms and CCTV, as well as a Counting Room to process currency, which has also been built using cutting-edge technology.

Inside these areas, we offer a multitude of services for our clients including:

  • Secure storage of valuables and documents in safety deposit boxes and in repositories of large dimensions
  • Secure storage of large packages
  • Company Backup service, to satisfy clients’ informational security needs.

Our rooms are under close surveillance 24 hours a day.

With our video surveillance service, we also guarantee remote protection: in the event of an alarm, our operation centre, via special monitors, receives all videos from the cameras installed by the client so it can verify the reliability of any reports received.

If necessary, remote video patrols using previously installed cameras can also be carried out. This service may be provided in addition to or as a replacement for security inspection services using patrol cars.

The security inspection serviceinvolve the employment, both day and night, of one or more Qualified Security Guards in vehicles linked to the Operating Centre.

Involving physical and visual checks of access points, this service acts as an effective deterrent to criminal activities.

This prevention activity has also become more effective thanks to the integrated use of the latest verification and control technologies.

The service with Canine Unit is used in situations of objective risk (checking railway shelving, depots, night parking areas, etc.) and in situations where the presence of a single qualified security guard is insufficient to guarantee personal safety and/or the safeguarding of the client’s assets.

Greater protection of property and people is assured with this service.

In order to offera highly efficient service in the field of maritime anti-piracy, we are extremely scrupulous in our selection of security guards.

In addition to being qualified and trained, they must meet specific requirements in order to ensure our customers the necessary protection.

The sucurity guards selected have served in the “special forces” of the Italian army and have spent long periods abroad on tours of duty in command positions.

The maritime anti-piracy service involves security and protection activities of extreme importance using precautionary mesures: our security guards board merchant ships with the Italian flag, wich travel through international waters with a risk of piracy.

The operational responsibility of the protection unit is entrusted to a professional with specific training in the field of maritime security.

The caretaker and unarmed surveillance service involves in the monitoring and surveillance of the client’s movable and immovable property in order to prevent material damage.

Our personnel emplyed as a caretakers can, on request, perform monitoring activities including:

  • Monitoring of access points
  • Accompanying the lift floor
  • Active participation in the evacuation plan prepared by the client
  • Management of company keys
  • Operation of electrical panels, the switching on and/or off of lights, boilers, air conditioning systems.

Our operators have the task of carrying all reception duties agreed with the client: from operating the telephone switchboard to giving employees acces authorization.

Our service is always guaranteed 24hours a day.

Using qualified security guards, we perform all the necessary operations for opening and closing activities together with a site security sweep.

These operations include the management of security systems, CCTV, lights, air conditioning and special systems, keys, means of access as well as all possible access points to the building.

The Hostess and Steward service involves the emplyment of one or more professionals who have the task of ensuring access only to authorised people.

The service then entails checking invitations or guest lists, as well as providing all information regarding conferences, events or ceremonies.

The aim of our services of tranporting valuables, secure storage of valuables and money counting is to safeguard the property of our clients:

  • Transporting of Valuables: this involves the transporting of property with special vehicles (armoured vans or vehicles) using trined personnel and, above all, complying with specific procedures.
  • Secure storage of Valuables: this involves the secure storage and safeguarding of property in protected rooms.

Our investigation and special inquiry services are provided by Italpol Vigilanza Milano and Italservizi: a group of experts with Prefectural Decree, appointed as Private Security Guards and holding the appropriate weapons permits.

The team guarantees service coverage throughout Italy, and, if necessary, even abroad.

Our investigation services include:

  • Investigations to gather evidence, according to the new Code of Criminal Procedure (C.P.P.)
  • Legal advice and expert technical-criminological evaluations
  • Photographic and witness documentation, bug sweeping
  • Confidential investigations into anonymous letters and phone calls
  • Injury and insurance claim investigations
  • Commercial information on private individuals and companies
  • Marital investigations and pre- and post-marital information
  • Private surveillance and security services
  • Monitoring and tracing of young people
  • Investigations into infidelity of employees of client companies
  • Planned purchases
  • Company profiling
  • Recovery of stolen goods

We also offer an economic/financial information service, which is provided by a specialised team and also involves links with international databases of primary importance.