04/04/2024 - Roma

Italpol Vigilanza is the new Bronze Sponsor of Oxygen Roma Basket

A partnership between two Roman entities

We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Oxygen Roma Basket, a women’s Serie A1 basketball team. The collaboration stems from the shared goal of expanding horizons and promoting shared values. The Gravina family and Oxygen President Raffaele Rubin aim to build a relationship between two ambitious Italian entities with a […]


11/01/2024 - Roma

The importance of security guards

Woman arrested with an axe in Rome

In a bustling city like Rome, citizen safety stands as a top priority for Italpol Vigilanza’s priorities. In the recent incident at the San Giovanni Station, a security guard showed exceptional readiness by disarming a woman who was threatening those present with an axe. This courageous action that ensured the safety of everyone in the […]


29/11/2023 - Roma

Rome, fight resulting in wounded at Marconi station

Immediate intervention of Italpol Vigilanza

Saturday, November 18th, 2023, a violent fight took place between three boys, with blows of broken bottles and knives, at the Marconi Station in Rome. The argument began in the parking lot between two youth. While fighting, they moved to the entrance of the station, near the turnstiles. The Special Sworn Guards of Italpol Vigilanza, […]