The importance of security guards

Woman arrested with an axe in Rome

In a bustling city like Rome, citizen safety stands as a top priority for Italpol Vigilanza’s priorities.

In the recent incident at the San Giovanni Station, a security guard showed exceptional readiness by disarming a woman who was threatening those present with an axe. This courageous action that ensured the safety of everyone in the station. As affirmed by ATAC, the Italian public company in charge of mobility in the city of Rome, the sworn security guards are consistently operational, providing 24/7 coverage.

They play a crucial role in the surveillance and control of public places, coordinating the more than 4,000 surveillance cameras in the metro. Continuous communication with the police ensures a rapid and effective response in any emergency situation.

The safety of our passengers is our main priority and we are committed to tirelessly working towards an increasingly secure city.