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What are safe-deposit boxes and how do they work

Safe-deposit boxes are now one of the safest, most reliable and convenient ways to store one’s valuables without any worries.

At our operations centre in Rome, we have a modern Vault protected by sophisticated alarm technology, CCTV and security guards.

Our premises are closely guarded and accessible 24/7.

The advantages of Italpol Vigilanza safe-deposit boxes

Flexible rental conditions

Wide range of formats

Flexible tariffs

Access to own box

Price List

Safe-deposit boxes

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    Size 1

    7,7cm x 29cm x 40 cm € 390,00 annual fee including VAT Book now

    Size 2

    11 cm x 24 cm x 47 cm € 450,00 annual fee including VAT Book now

    Size 3

    11,7 cm x 29 cm x 40 cm € 470,00 annual fee including VAT Book now

    Size 4

    14,5 cm x 24 cm x 47 cm € 630,00 annual fee including VAT Book now

    Size 5

    16 cm x 29 cm x 40 cm € 650,00 annual fee including VAT Book now

    Size 6

    23 cm x 24 cm x 47 cm € 750,00 annual fee including VAT Book now

    Size 7

    24 cm x 29 cm x 40 cm € 850,00 annual fee including VAT Book now

    Size 8

    31 cm x 24 cm x 47 cm € 890,00 annual fee including VAT Book now

    Size 9

    47 cm x 24 cm x 47 cm € 990,00 annual fee including VAT Book now


    What is a safe-deposit box?

    A safe-deposit box is a box stored singly in a cabinet inside a strong room or vault to which the key holder is the only person allowed access. The safe deposit box is used to store valuables that a person prefers not to keep at home or work. The renter agrees to pay an annual fee for use of the safe-deposit box, which can only be accessed and opened by passing a certain number of security levels.

    Why rent a safe-deposit box?

    If you are worried about whether your valuables are safe at home or at
    work, you may consider renting a safe-deposit box. The installation of home
    security systems provides limited protection, as home-owners may be forced to open safes under threat of physical violence. In addition, insurance costs can be reduced thanks to a safe-deposit box.

    What happens if I lose the keys to my safe-deposit box?

    When an account is opened, one or two identical keys are issued depending on the box. If one or both keys should get lost, you must inform us immediately. You will then need to make an appointment with the branch; our company’s locksmith will open your safe-deposit box in your presence. You will be responsible for the cost of the locksmith and any subsequent repairs needed. Intervention based on loss of keys can be:

    • Intervention of a technician for a replacement lock: 200 + VAT
    • Intervention of a technician to pick the lock + replacement lock: 500 +VAT

    What are the typical items kept in a safe-deposit box?

    • Jewellery
    • Cash
    • Diamonds
    • Precious stones
    • External Memories
    • Back-up disks
    • Wills
    • Birth certificates
    • Precious metals e.g. gold and silver
    • Passports
    • Property deeds
    • Rare Coins/Stamp Collections
    • Military medals
    • Works of Art
    • Important keys
    • Home/video inventory lists
    • Marriage certificate
    • Wedding video
    • Tax returns
    • Family photographs
    • Share certificates
    • Insurance contracts

    Are there any forbidden items that cannot be stored in a safe-deposit box?

    Yes. Illegal items may not be stored. For example: firearms, explosives, gas cylinders, liquids or perishable items. See our terms and conditions for a list of further forbidden items.

    What do I need to rent a safe-deposit box?

    You can visit the branch in person every day during opening hours, call to
    book an appointment or book a safe-deposit box online. You will be required to prove your identity using an acceptable form of photographic identification (a passport or ID card).

    Can I grant other people access to the safe-deposit box?

    Only persons registered on your account can have access to the vault and your safe-deposit box. You can register by proxy. No person under the age of 18 will be allowed to register or access a safe-deposit box.

    How much does your service cost and how can I make the payment?

    The minimum rental period is 3 months. We accept cash, bank transfers and cheques. For payments by cheque and bank transfer, keys will only be issued when the funds have been credited to our account.

    What are your opening hours?

    Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
    Please note that the last permitted entry time is 15 minutes before the indicated closing time.

    Saturdays – Sundays – Public holidays: access is only possible on request with at least 24 hours’ prior notice; the call-out charge is € 80.00 excluding VAT.

    Where are you located?

    We are located in the Prati district. The full address will be communicated when the box is opened.

    Are my items insured while stored inside the box?

    A comprehensive insurance policy is available for the contents of your safe-deposit box.

    How can I renew or cancel my contract with you?

    The contract is renewed automatically. For any changes needed an appointment must be made 15 days before the expiry date. If you do not wish to renew the contract, before it expires, you must go to the branch to terminate the contract and hand over the keys. Please consult our contractual conditions for further information.

    Do you have a copy of the key to my safe-deposit box?

    No. When the account is opened, the holder is issued with the only 1/2 keys that open the safe-deposit box.

    What happens to my box if I die?

    If there is no “specific person” registered on your account at the time of your death, normal legal processes will prevail.


    Monday - Friday

    10:00 – 18:00

    Please note that the last permitted entry time is 15 minutes before the indicated closing time.

    Saturday - Sunday - Holidays

    Access is only possible upon request with at least 24 hours’ prior notice; the call charge is €80.00 excluding VAT


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