09/12/2021 - Roma-Lido

A theft with a positive ending

Thanks to the Police and Italpol Vigilanza a stolen defibrillator was recovered

La sinergia tra Italpol Vigilanza e il decimo Distretto della Polizia è stata fondamentale per recuperare un defibrillatore rubato dalla stazione Roma-Lido. Quando le nostre Guardie Giurate impegnate nella sorveglianza della zona hanno segnalato la scomparsa dello strumento sanitario, è iniziata la collaborazione con la Polizia per far luce sull’accaduto. Grazie al monitoraggio dei siti […]


10/11/2021 - Roma

Law Enforcement Remembrance Day

A day to celebrate the commitment of law enforcement

Article published on The celebration day of those who have passed, beyond each one’s own religious or secular approach to the anniversary, is born from the universally felt need to commemorate those which, in the life of everyone, performed an important role. I don’t speak exclusively of parents for children, grandparents for grandkids, or […]


02/11/2021 - Bergamo

A succesfull mission, a life saved

Timeliness and promptness, the key elements of Italpol Vigilanza's interventions

Promptness and readiness, the key elements in Italpol Vigilanza’s interventionsEverything was ready. The tickets had been bought, the suitcases packed and the holiday planned. All that was missing was the last step, passing through security, boarding the plane and leaving. But something did not go as planned. The protagonist of the story is an eighty-year-old […]