17/04/2023 - Roma

Derdzic Rasema stopped red-handed

Italpol Vigilanza at the frontlines for the safety of the community

Derdzic Rasema, having become famous for publicly admitting to stealing to
live, was on Saturday, April 15th at Roma Termini Train Station by
Italpol Vigilanza


03/03/2023 - Fiumicino Airport

Beside the Argentina national team

Italpol Vigilanza escorted the campeones to Fiumicino Airport

Italpol Vigilanza’s Armed Guards escorted the Argentine national team to Fiumicino Airport, while returning home, after the extraordinary victory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Championship.


30/01/2023 - Milano

Security in hospitals

Italpol Vigilanza on the front lines

Thursday, January 26th, a meeting was held to talk about security in hospitals, in which Emanuele Monti, President of the Health and Social Politics Commission of the Lombardy Region, participated, expressing his desire to adopt the Security Model used at Milan-Malpensa Airport, in the first aid departments: “Since 2020, with the approval of the regional […]