Summit Sicurezza at the Think Tank Futuro Italia Remind

Giulio Gravina’s stance on protecting property and people

The Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri Giorgia Meloni inaugurated the Think Tank Futuro Italia Remind, the event chaired by Paolo Crisafi, President of Remind, in collaboration with the European Parliament Italian Office directed by Carlo Carozza, in which the representatives of local, national and European institutions, and companies strongly active in the production industries of real estate came together to discuss and analyze the challenges to face and the opportunities to take advantage of to guarantee a better future for the Nation.

Italpol Vigilanza was also present at the meeting with Giulio Gravina and had the chance to speak on “Security of Property and People”, sharing the Italpol Group’s commitment to and recent changes in the private and public security sector.

Italpol Vigilanza’s participation focuses on the contribution of its private security services to national security, in a sustainable way, highlighting its experience in the industry’s best practices. Today the private security services department is at a turning point. The last 15 years have been characterized by the implementation of new norms that have redefined the players in the market and consolidated the role of private security as a way of subsidiary security, one that complements the role of law enforcement. The security of transit stations, like airports, train station and ports, is guaranteed thanks to the contribution of private security companies like Italpol Vigilanza, using Sworn Guards that have followed a specific training course and obtained certification as agents of subsidiary security services“, explained Giulio Gravina.

The Italpol Group cofounder referenced the protocol “Thousand eyes on the city” written by the Ministry of the Interior, the ANCI (Associazione Comuni Italiani) and the representative associations of private security institutions with the goal of developing a security system that integrates public and private initiatives within the framework of subsidiary and complementary services. The project foresees the enhancement of observation tasks by Sworn Guards around informational synergy that, even excluding the exercise of public functions, guarantees collaborative modules between the bodies entrusted with public security and security institutions.

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