Subsidiary security, broadening areas of intervention

Interview with Giulio Gravina, Co-founder of Italpol Vigilanza Group

Since 1975, Italpol Vigilanza is among the main and most active institutes of private security in Italy, offering numerous services for the protection and security of its citizens.

Giulio Gravina, Co-founder of Italpol Vigilanza Group, shares the importance of consolidating the experience acquired in subsidiary services, going in-depth on the subject, and of continuing to grow this area of work with the wish that the State becomes more aware of the offer contriguted by private security institutions, broadening areas of intervention.

“Recent events tell us that the need for security is not only limited in transit areas and that, more and more often, crimes occur in places in the vicinity of transit areas like, for example, the streets in close proximity to train stations. Therefore, it would be useful to deepen understanding of the possibility of employing subsidiary services in these areas to always guarantee increased urban security.” explains Giulio Gravina.

What is his vision for the future of private security services? What are the goals of Italpol Vigilanza?

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