Rome, fight resulting in wounded at Marconi station

Immediate intervention of Italpol Vigilanza

Saturday, November 18th, 2023, a violent fight took place between three boys, with blows of broken bottles and knives, at the Marconi Station in Rome.

The argument began in the parking lot between two youth. While fighting, they moved to the entrance of the station, near the turnstiles. The Special Sworn Guards of Italpol Vigilanza, patrolling at the time, immediately intervened, also alerting law enforcement.

The agents of the State Police arrived in front of the station and stopped the wounded individual, transporting them to the nearest emergency room, but the other two youth managed to escape. Fortunately, no passerby was involved in the brawl.

In the face of urban crime, this episode demonstrates how the intervention of private security can perfectly integrate itself with the activity of the territorial law enforcement, favoring the protection of citizens” declared Giulio Gravina, Vice President of ASSIV – Italian Association of Security and Fiduciary Services. “Concretely, it means being able to use private security alongside law enforcement and local police, as we already had been doing in airports. It is a support to controlling the city and making it safer. The time is ripe to take this step and the rules, if modified, could allow it” adds Gravina, taking as an example Friuli-Venezia Giulia, that integrated the use of Sworn Guards in the region’s urban territory, revisiting a law from 2017. “Considering all the Italian security institutes, we are talking about a few thousand patrols already in the territory, which could be integrated also with economic advantages” concludes the Co-founder of the Italpol Vigilanza Group.