17/04/2020 - Roma

The heroes of vigilance

Heroes who live and guarantee a normal life for citizens: the Vigilance!

In days as delicate as those we live, there are many personalities who present themselves in different clothes from those to which we were accustomed, are the superheroes of our time, people and professionals who dedicate their lives to others. Work becomes mission, a mission with a white, green or a blue or black uniform, often […]


14/04/2020 - Roma

Prevention of theft of a Roman company by GPG inspection supervision

Foiled theft in a company in South Rome

Late at night, the GPG of Italpol Vigilanza performs the inspection tour, the third of the night and finds a slight, almost imperceptible, sign of forced entry on an external door. As no anomalies were detected during the previous laps, the GPG alerted the Operations Room that decided to send a second patrol to support. […]


03/04/2020 - Roma

Italpol has developed new intrusion alarm systems: SID&IP

Siem Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention

Coronavirus today represents a challenge not only in the field of medicine, but also in the field of security. Since Covid-19 entered our lives, they have changed. One of the first big changes was the massive use of smart working. This has forced that, in parallel, the tools of cyber security were strengthened. In Italy, one of the first […]