Italpol vigilance raises safety standards

New technologies to increase safety

Among the many sectors involved in the fight against Covid19, we certainly also find representatives of private security. To face the emergency and continue to offer a professional service, Italpol Vigilanza raises safety standards and uses thermal cameras for measuring body temperature.

To date, there are over 40,000 security guards serving at stations and airports, outside supermarkets and hospitals, banks and companies. As requested by the Ministry of Health, Italpol not only provided its staff with all personal protective equipment provided (gloves, masks, disinfectants), but decided to further increase safety standards, providing security guards with new technological equipment, especially thermal cameras.

“The thermal camera – says Giulio Gravina, CEO of Italpol- is a fast and safe way, to protect the health of both operators and guests without affecting the privacy of those who are subjected to control”.

These devices, which allow to detect the body temperature, allow to convert the heat of the bodies in motion into thermal impulses. These pulses, through special software, are converted into images that signal when the temperature rises above the limit. In this way people are not forced to stop to measure the temperature and the operator does not have to approach them as it happens using a normal thermometer, thus reducing the risks of contagion.

Article from unfoldingroma.com