Let a lucky star guide you

New technologies in the face of the pandemic

We are facing an unprecedented global pandemic situation. We never imagined having to live in a situation like the present one.
Italpol has always had as its fundamental value safety, to be understood not only applied to our core business as data protection and supervisory procedures, but also and above all intended to protect the health of our employees and our customers. For this reason we have implemented all the necessary measures, in compliance with what is prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

All employees whose function can be performed remotely have been put into Smart Working. This is because we are convinced that #iorestoacasa is the only way to stop the coronavirus from spreading. And for those who have remained in service, we have taken all the necessary precautions.
We know it’s hard to stay home, but we have to resist. We want to be close to you in this situation and to contribute to your well-being and safety. We thought to offer you, at a very special rate, a selection of products, in our opinion useful especially at this particular time.

  • PERSONAL TRACKER VIVAVOCEL and senior people are the most at risk Covid19. The Ministry of Health recommends and the Government Decree provides that they remain closed in the house avoiding social contacts with younger people, such as children and grandchildren. So, thinking of the forced solitude in which they are found, we propose the speakerphone Personal Tracker. – It’s a cell phone designed for a senior audience. It has very large keys, so perfectly readable, the SOS button and four preset numbers to automatically call your loved ones in case of emergency, the ability to locate the person, The accelerometer that allows you to check whether the person is stationary or moving, the speakerphone function.
  • PERSONAL TRACKER SOS: To keep under control children, elderly, animals we propose the Personal Tracker SOS. Rechargeable via USB cable, it is equipped with GSM/ GPS antenna to locate person, animal or objects, accelerometer that detects stand by position and movement, emergency SOS button.
  • SPYTRACK MAGNETICO & VEHICLE GPS LOCATOR: Our car is little used in this period of forced stay at home; you do not always have the possibility to admit it in a garage and you are forced to park it in the street, running the risk not only of thefts, but also forget where we left her. To keep it under control, we propose Spytrack magnetic. You can attach it to a hidden spot in the car which, thanks to the GPS connection, will always be traceable. Alternatively, always to locate the car, we offer Vehicle GPS Locator, equipped with an accelerometer for detecting driving style, motion and accident detection.