05/03/2020 - Roma

They try to rob a restaurant, Gpgs intervene

Theft foiled in the capital

Shortly after 2 in the night came to the systems of the Operations Room a report of “Non Inserimento”, an unusual fact that prompted the operators of Italpol Vigilanza to contact the owner and proceed with a remote insertion. At 02:38 new signals, this time of alarm, reached the systems of the Operations Room; immediate […]


19/02/2020 - Roma

Maxi intervention of the GPG of Italpol supervision

Theft foiled in a well-known club

The anomalous reports reached the Operations Room at 02:36 in the night, were followed by a major intervention by Italpol Vigilanza. On the spot three patrols. Outside everything seemed to be normal, inside instead, there were clear traces of the passage of criminals. Smashed sensors, forced doors, and a hole in the tech room’s wall […]


12/02/2020 - Ostia

Bicycle thieves: theft thwarted by the GPG

Theft thwarted in a cycling shop

Burglary foiled last night at a cycling shop in Ostia. The alarm signal received at the Operations Room was followed by a video link that showed the camera shot moved, immediately sending the patrol area, GPG Fabrizio B. From a first check carried out by our GPG, beyond the camera moved there were no further […]