05/02/2020 - Roma

Axon chosen by Italpol to improve supervision

Collaboration between Axon and Italpol

Axon, a global leader in connected technologies for law enforcement, was chosen by Italpol, a leading company in the field of surveillance and investigation, as part of a strategic plan that aims to equip all its GPG, namely the Special Guards Jurors, of the most advanced technological systems. THE BENEFITS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF AXON SOLUTIONS […]


03/02/2020 - Roma

Italpol: air of change and innovation

Improving the service and ensuring the safety of operators

The company has recently created Work Force Management, a solution to optimize the management of operators’ work, reduce manual processes, simplify procedures and allow a significant reduction in intervention times. Italpol has chosen to integrate the Axon Body 2 device, a wearable camera that allows the collection of images, into the service equipment of the […]


20/01/2020 - Roma


The alarm of Italpol vigilance avoids the worst

Yesterday afternoon an alarm report reached the servers of the Italpol Vigilance Operations Room, saved a dealership from total destruction. Arrived on the spot for the usual security check, the GPG immediately noticed the blanket of smoke coming out of the window; a fire in the inner room was putting the whole structure at risk. […]