Attempting theft in an ASL

Reported criminal

At the first light of dawn an alarm coming from a local health company in the area of Ostia, has reached the systems of the Operations Room of Italpol Vigilanza.

Immediate procedures for intervention.

Two patrols were commissioned, GPG Fabrizio B. and GPG Walter P. who reached the place in the shortest time possible, so as to catch the thief in the act.

The thief, a man with Mediterranean traits, held a screwdriver in his hand and at the sight of the GPG still outside the building, bent over and then escaped from a secondary entrance.

While the GPG carried out a reclamation of the interior premises in search of the man and any damage to the structure, arrived law enforcement officers alerted by the Operational Room of Italpol Vigilance, which, Acknowledging the absence of theft, They left the place and then returned a handful of minutes later with the alleged thief aboard the steering wheel.

The Gpgs have identified the man as guilty of the theft. The thug has been reported.

The facility has not been robbed.