24/04/2020 - Roma

Italpol vigilance raises safety standards

New technologies to increase safety

Among the many sectors involved in the fight against Covid19, we certainly also find representatives of private security. To face the emergency and continue to offer a professional service, Italpol Vigilanza raises safety standards and uses thermal cameras for measuring body temperature. To date, there are over 40,000 security guards serving at stations and airports, outside […]


20/04/2020 - Roma

Interview of Adnkronos to Giulio Gravina

Lack of masks at the supervisory company

The director of the supervisory company: “We made them by hand before we found them and bought them” “With personal protective equipment we had great difficulties the first month. Today at least the guards work according to the law. But not because of others. To us it arrived zero: the State, the Civil Protection has never given us […]


17/04/2020 - Roma

The heroes of vigilance

Heroes who live and guarantee a normal life for citizens: the Vigilance!

In days as delicate as those we live, there are many personalities who present themselves in different clothes from those to which we were accustomed, are the superheroes of our time, people and professionals who dedicate their lives to others. Work becomes mission, a mission with a white, green or a blue or black uniform, often […]