Why connect the alarm to the control room?

Advantages and greater security

The Operations Room is the nerve center of Italpol Vigilanza, a place of maximum security accessible only to internal operators with authorization.

With a constant activity 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the plant monitors a network of security systems connected with private homes, companies, businesses and public bodies.

Thanks to modern technologies, the signals that reach the Operations Centre can be managed in less than a minute, time needed to verify the size of the signal and, if necessary, send the area patrol on site.

Verification of the alert is a delicate phase in which the collected data guide the operator’s subsequent choices and provide further information on the status of the safety system.

What are the advanteges?

The advantages of a connection to the Italpol Vigilanza Operations Centre are numerous:

  • Management Reporting in less than 60
  • Intervention Particular Armed Guard H24
  • Free Key Deposit Service
  • Monitoring of the security system
  • Professional operators
  • Price
  • All services are carried out exclusively by Italpol Vigilanza

What is Key Storage Service?

The service of Deposit or Custody of Keys is of fundamental importance because it allows access to the site in the absence of the owner.

Access will be the Guard Particular Army of Italpol Vigilance that will intervene in case of high risk, such as a property violation or a dangerous situation.

Operations Centre VS Smartphone

Italpol Vigilanza offers several security solutions manageable by Smartphone, but it is necessary to emphasize that this is only an accessory, far from replacing the advanced surveillance systems present in an Operations Centre with more than 250,000 alarms managed.

In addition, the Link allows the intervention by trained personnel ensuring greater effectiveness and above all the safety of your person and the site supervised.

How much does a Dispatch Link cost?

The costs are relatively low for the service offered and that is why more and more users turn to specialized institutes.

Italpol Vigilanza offers a package of 1 Euro per day that includes:

  • Connection to Operations Room 24/24
  • The Armed Guard Intervention H24
  • The Key Storage Service