Attempted theft: video surveillance shows the perp

Video surveillance and security systems make him run away

Yesterday afternoon at 14.47 an alarm signal reached the Italpol Vigilance Operations Room. Immediate activation of the verification procedures and the assignment of the area patrol.

Initially the video connection made by the operators did not show any anomaly, as even the external space viewed by the GPG arrived on the spot. Only the internal control showed the signs of the criminals who tampered with the vending machine.

The following check carried out together with the owner of the facility, contacted by operators, highlighted the lack of a chain and lock of a pedestrian gate that turned out to be closed regularly, as well as other access roads to the facility.

From the play back of the cameras carried out by the Operations Room, there was the presence of a face-to-face subject intent on tampering with the distributor, but soon renounced his objective because disturbed by the presence of the siren that led him to escape.

A story that although trivial highlights the importance of a security system, in this case Anti-theft and Video Surveillance that are on the one hand a valuable deterrent against theft and on the other allow you to get to the truth in the event of major crimes, as recent reports show.

Added value was Italpol Vigilanza that for over forty years provides high quality services.