Milan Bergamo Airport is the Best European Airport

Italpol Vigilanza’s contribution for the “Airport Service Quality Award”

Italpol Vigilanza, business leader in the public and private surveillance and security sector, accepts with great enthusiasm the recognition “Airport Service Quality Award” bestowed upon Bergamo’s airport. The award, given by the World Airports Association ACI World, recognizes Milan Bergamo Airport as the best European airport in the category of 5 to 15 million passengers. The result is a testimony to the quality of services offered by the structure, among which is the activity of Italpol Vigilanza’s Special Sworn Guards, committed every day to ensure the security of and assistance to passengers.

The award is the result of a series of polls submitted by passengers that included questions of the feeling of security, the environment in which the company operates and a very important and often discussed topic, moreover throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Italpol Vigilanza, with its Special Sworn Guards, carries out defense and control activities of people, baggage, goods, and vehicles at the airport gates, on top of throughout the airport buildings and on the aircrafts.

«We are proud of having contributed in the operational excellence of Bergamo’s airport. Our solutions guarantee the highest level of quality and professionalism, and this recognition is an example of that», declared Giulio Gravina, Cofounder of Italpol Vigilanza.

To guarantee security at a national level is the principal focus of the company, that commits itself every day to offer management, consultation, and assistance services.

For years, Italpol Vigilanza has offered is security services at airport facilities, within which the following activities are carried out daily:

  • Controls in the check-in area and of passengers, crew, and staff at departure gates
  • Assistance at the entrance of the aircraft for people, objects, and the sorting area
  • Anti-theft surveillance of baggage, gates for goods, and internal areas

Furthermore, the Special Sworn Guards of Italpol Vigilanza monitor the external areas and parameters with day and night patrols, also throughout the ENAV Control Tower.

The title award to Milan Bergamo Airport as Best European Airport awards also the valued activities of Italpol Vigilanza, the best partner for the safeguarding of airports and passengers.