Cyber security for businesses and individuals

Italpol Vigilanza’s solutions for complete protection from cyber risks .

Between lockdown, remote working, and calls, computer security has increasingly grown in importance: the expansion of technologies entailed the transfer of numerous business processes and models within the digital space.

Italpol Vigilanza, company leader in the sector of public and private security and surveillance, offers all-around solutions to respond to the growing need of personal data protections and protect digital business processes from potential computer attacks, pledging an integration between physical and cyber security.

Due to the lockdown period, in the last two years remote working has become widely used, and workers began to carry out access to company tools through their own domestic internet connections and personal devices, downloading new programs and apps, with the risk of violating the security of the company’s IT systems. According to a study by Changes Unipol Ipsos on Cyber Security published in February 2022, in fact, almost 10 million Italians experienced digital violations.

This is why Italpol Vigilanza offers 360° protection from cyber risks caused by attacks to private and company networks: with their services, the protection of sensitive data, the removal of malware, and the inhibition of compromising accesses is ensured.

The team of experts of Italpol Vigilanza proposes Dogma, a hardware and software solution created to offer elevated levels of protection from cyber threats and risks of domestic and private networks, protecting remote workers via proactive blocks on the communications of networks indexed as potentially attributable to malware infections.

Furthermore, Italpol Vigilanza offers specific consultancy geared toward individuals and companies for GDPR compliance (General Data Protection Regulation) to avoid imposed sanctions in case of violation. The rules in force in the respective field and the sensitive data protection they establish, in case of violations, sanctions up to 4% of turnover or to a maximum of 20 million euros.

Italpol Vigilanza places itself among the important entities in the Security sector, thanks to the professionalism and continuous training of over 2,800 employees and the employment of progressive technology systems. That which distinguishes it from other market players Is the attention to the client’s needs and 24/7 assistance, that combines with the evolution of technologies and attention to the most current themes. Among these we find Cyber Security, that the negative international geopolitical context has highlighted even more.

In this sector, Italpol Vigilanza implemented the training of its resources with the goal of responding in a structured and fully professional way to the demand posed by the public and private market. With this situation, a highly professionalized training path begun for the SOC (Security Operation Center) operators.

“The Italpol Group offers management services, consultancy, and assistance thanks fo the support of a team of subject experts” explains Giulio Gravina, Cofounder of Italpol Vigilanza. “Beyond the protection from cyber-attacks, we guarantee fixed and inspective, video surveillance, video patrol, bodyguard and unarmed security guard services to our clients. We broaden our offer to service in airport facilities, ports, railways with the help of dog units and anti Covid-19 controls“.