Company policy

The Management of Italpol Vigilanza srl in the person of its President Dr. Damiano Toselli., formally declares to take full responsibility for the content and application of the requirements of the Integrated Management System adopted in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018, this is the expression of corporate politics and philosophies.

The Policy is summarised in the primary objective of ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, providing:

  • Services that meet their needs and expectations for quality of implementation, compliance with requirements, costs and delivery times
  • Services that meet their needs and expectations and that support them in the performance of their work when this can in some way affect the final result

It is also the Management’s commitment to ensure continuous improvement, growth and evolution of Italpol Vigilanza srl. To complete the corporate policy framework, the Management has defined the following general commitments:

  • Improve the overall Company results related to the provision of its services in compliance with environmental legislation and safety.
  • Improve the involvement of human resources, with their ability to learn and determination with an adequate contribution of instrumental and economic resources.
  • Maintain the compliance of the company SGI with the requirements of the standards through systematic reviews, thus ensuring an adequate and formal description of this system for the improvement of business efficiency and interaction with the market and certification bodies.
  • Disseminate both internally and to all interested parties the policy and objectives of the SGI, in accordance with the principles and criteria of the Management of the System itself.
  • Comply with the current rules and laws on safety and prevention at work and environmental protection.
  • Prevent and reduce accidents at work.
  • Improve environmental performance by reducing potential environmental impacts.
  • Reduce failures: internal (through analysis of statistical data on defined process indicators) and external (through analysis and statistics on customer complaints, satisfaction and suggestions).
  • Comply with the contractual terms and conditions of the order or contract.

The aim is to achieve these objectives through a series of structural, logistical, economic and operational measures consisting of:

  • Monitor your processes with an analysis and assessment of the risks associated with them.
  • To define annually a “Plan of the objectives of improvement” consequent to analysis of pointers/sensors that they evidence limits, failures and defects, that they allow the adaptation and the maintenance of the conformity of the System put into effect.
  • Systematically review the System Management methods, based on the analysis of the planned records.
  • Define the organizational structure through a company organization chart.
  • Define the responsibilities and authorities of each individual business function.
  • Disseminate policy at all company levels and make it available to stakeholders.
  • Draw up and implement a training programme for all levels of the company.
  • Take, where possible, effective corrective actions consequential to internal and external non-conformities.
  • Plan the various activities related to the development of the service.
  • Qualify processes and personnel.
  • Improve the logistics of processes.
  • Make available specialist skills, infrastructure, technical resources and economic resources.
  • Plan and schedule production activities.
  • Carry out the pre-established controls through equipment and procedures defined for each business activity that may affect the final result and the judgment of the customer.
  • Use materials and services of required quality to provide their service, selecting and qualifying appropriately their suppliers in accordance with the principles and criteria of the SGI.

In this area, President Dr. Damiano Toselli is assisted by the managing directors Cavaliere Francesco Gravina and Avv. Marco Mignucci.

Rome, 01.07.2019 The Chairman ITALPOL VIGILANZA Srl.