A succesfull mission, a life saved

Timeliness and promptness, the key elements of Italpol Vigilanza's interventions

Promptness and readiness, the key elements in Italpol Vigilanza’s interventions
Everything was ready. The tickets had been bought, the suitcases packed and the holiday planned. All that was missing was the last step, passing through security, boarding the plane and leaving. But something did not go as planned.

The protagonist of the story is an eighty-year-old man who, in recent days at the Caravaggio, Orio al Serio airport, in the province of Bergamo, was taken ill while queuing for the ordinary security checks.

The decisive factor in saving the man’s life was the timely and targeted intervention of an Italpol Vigilanza security guard who was carrying out his verification and surveillance duties. As soon as the operator realised that the elderly man was slumped to the ground, he immediately reached him and started to give him heart massage. This proved to be essential for the passenger’s survival and was carried out non-stop until the arrival of the airport’s first aid staff. The man was then taken to Humanitas Gavazzeni to undergo checks and investigations.

A further example of the service offered by Italpol Vigilanza. The company aims not only to protect and defend homes and businesses, but also to safeguard people’s lives by intervening promptly in any risk and danger situation.