The heroes of vigilance

Heroes who live and guarantee a normal life for citizens: the Vigilance!

In days as delicate as those we live, there are many personalities who present themselves in different clothes from those to which we were accustomed, are the superheroes of our time, people and professionals who dedicate their lives to others. Work becomes mission, a mission with a white, green or a blue or black uniform, often estranged from the face of his humanity.

The real discovery of these days is the vastness of superheroes who fight for us, heroes who until yesterday dressed as ordinary people, behind a box of a supermarket, a counter of a pharmacy or the machinery of a factory. The alienation of our lives has given way to dedication, has a sudden force that fights uncertainty and generates beauty in contrast to the poverty of which sometimes we human beings are the promoters.

In all this chaos of people, from the dark corners to the city center, we find a type of heroes too often not mentioned.

Who are they? They’re the Special Security Guards.

Often you don’t notice, and yet they are there, you find them in the chaos of a meter, between the lanes of a hospital, in a shopping center, in front of the monitors of an Operations Room or driving a car that colors orange the streets of the night.

The Supervisory Services have maintained high quality of services and adapted the work to meet the new needs imposed by this emergency. And what are Security Services if not services provided by people to ensure the safety of other people?

And it is here that I wanted to reach, thanks to every person in the category, and in particular, thanks to all the Gpgs that work in our institute, Italpol Vigilanza.

Thank you for being silent heroes, the Heroes of the Watch.