The decalogue to prevent thefts in the apartment

Advice to avoid the intrusion of strangers into your own home

We propose the decalogue to prevent thefts in the apartment drawn up by ITALPOL VIGILANZA and Assiv – Italian Association Supervision and Fiduciary Services.

  1. The access door of the apartment must be armored in high security class. The locks must always be closed, using all the mandates. For the choice of the door, assembly and maintenance always rely on professionals in the industry.
  2. Make sure that at the height of the locks and support points of the armored door there are no signs of forced entry: they could be general evidence for an imminent theft.
  3. Equip close-ups and penthouses (which for logistical reasons are the most attackable) with anti-intrusion grates.
  4. When choosing and mounting the grates, check that they are not suitable to be used as a “staircase” to reach the upper floor.
  5. The alarm system, as well as internal, must be peripheral, which is to protect the outer perimeter of the apartment. It must be installed by specialized companies.
  6. The peripheral alarm must be installed so that it comes into operation before the thief starts the intrusive attack, so not too close to the area to be protected. Place objects near the perimeter alarm cells that force the thief to move them to access the apartment. This move triggers the alarm before the thief can attack the grates.
  7. Connect the alarm to the operational centre of a supervisory or law enforcement body.
  8. The alarm system, in the event of an intrusion, must come into operation in a timely manner and must have a high acoustic impact, so as to frighten those who are performing the intrusive act and draw the attention of the neighbors.
  9. The alarm system shall be regularly maintained. Malfunction can result not only in non-activity in case of intrusion but also, if it sounds often and for no reason, not be taken into account when needed.
  10. Expect that all condominiums observe simple rules: always close doors and access gates from the street inside the common stairs. When entering garages with automatic doors, before moving away, always make sure that the doors are closed.