Security Inside and Outide the Wall

Our goals: safeguard private residencies and companies and protect citizens

To safeguard private residencies and companies and protect citizens are the goals that, since 1975, have distinguished Italpol Vigilanza a society leader in the sector of public and private surveillance and security.

Founded in Rome by Commander Domenico Gravina, it is among the important societies within its sector, thanks to its professionalism, continuous addition to over 2,800 active staff members in the entire territory of Italy, and to its employment of progressive technological systems.

Italpol Vigilanza offers complete and integrated security solutions to over 3,500 clients, in which the entities represent the most well-known of their kind in the main production sectors of the country, as well as public service companies. The security of individuals and private property constitutes another element that distinguishes their activity.

The company is present in the territory of Bergamo with its fixed and inspective surveillance, which makes up the focused supervision of people or others entering and leaving a specific location or on-board public transportation.

To these, other services are added:

  • Video surveillance
  • Video patrol
  • Business opening and closing
  • Concierge activity
  • Unarmed surveillace

They broaden the services to trained dog units and the transport of values.

The subheading of the company is the Operational Center, active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the beating heart of Italpol Vigilanza’s activity. A place of maximum security, in which the operators control the warnings coming from alarm systems attached to private households, businesses, public entities, and commercial activities, to verify the importance of the signal and evaluate the best intervention solution.

That which distinguishes Italpol Vigilanza from other players in the sector is the attention towards current, more sensitive themes, the first of them being Cyber Security. For businesses today, it is fundamental to protect networks, data, programs, and machines from possible attacks and prevent unauthorized access. Italpol Vigilanza decided to specialize in this environment thanks to international partnerships, this way offering management, consultancy, and technological services.

The adoption of an ethical control code and the use of more advanced technological systems have accompanied the 40 years of the company’s life, for which security is an unavoidable, fundamental point. The partnership with Atalanta B.C. is situated in this context: Italpol Vigilanza is the Security Partner of the soccer team for the entire duration of the 2021/22 soccer season, supporting the “black and blue” players during the home and away matches. It’s the Roman entity, in fact, that installed and manages the sophisticated camera network at Gewiss Stadium.

Interview with Giulio Gravina, Cofounder of Italpol Vigilanza

The future is technology. How will the role of security operators change?
The experience and the competencies of our operators will stay at the foundation of our high-quality and professional service. Technology will not do anything other than making the service more efficient and effective. But technology plays a fundamental role also in the protection of the same operators.
Thanks to the use of drones, for example, our personnel can operate in total security directly from the control room, from which, through the recording of images and real-time updates, can identify potential theft, breaking and entering, or illegal activities, for an immediate, specific, and functional intervention.

What is the level of security in Italian cities?
When one speaks of security, one must not lower their guard. Many Italian towns are investing new resources to optimize and increase the surveillance on their own streets, homes, and businesses. For years, Italpol Vigilanza has undertaken a path of research and development to consolidate and innovate their own work.

What has already been done?
I’ll take for example the Road Union of Viale Cortina d’Ampezzo in Rome: on the streets we installed the latest-generation video surveillance system, making it safer. Over 2,000 residential units, upon request, were able to have further protection of their homes, attaching the alarm systems to our Operational Center, with immediate intervention thanks to a dedicated patrol.