Security in hospitals

Italpol Vigilanza on the front lines

Thursday, January 26th, a meeting was held to talk about security in hospitals, in which Emanuele Monti, President of the Health and Social Politics Commission of the Lombardy Region, participated, expressing his desire to adopt the Security Model used at Milan-Malpensa Airport, in the first aid departments: “Since 2020, with the approval of the regional law 15/2020 to strengthen safety measures in hospitals, in Lombardy we have put in place very important themes. Themes that now gain more attention from public opinion in this electoral campaign. The most criticized area, in the health security, is surely that of first aid departments, in which patients require quick help but also safety” he explains. “It’s necessary to export the Malpensa Model, a great example of security in which Sworn Guards act in synergy with law enforcement. The same thing is necessary in hospitals because patients need to be guided in their access to the healthcare system, most of all in an emergency“.

Also in attendance at the meeting was Giulio Gravina, Owner of Italpol Vigilanza and Vice President of ASSIV – Associazione Italiana Vigilanza. His energy makes him the most approachable person that could effectively find a solution to the problem. The determination displayed in confronting this theme, the obstinancy with which results are pursed, the moral and physical force exerted by the organization and the results achieved, both occupational and economic, have allowed Italpol Vigilanza to reach over 40 million euros of revenue and build a company with over 1,400 collaborators.

Source: ilquotidianoitalia.it