Panettone thieves

Failed coup

Like every year, also in this particular 2020, we record an increase of the attempts of theft in the natalazio period. This time we tell of a robbery thwarted at a Conad site on the coast of Lazio.

The signaling arrived to the operating room of Italpol Vigilanza to 23,50 has activated the procedures from part of our operators. The checks carried out by them take place over a period of less than 60 seconds, crucial moments to establish the extent of the alert and communicate the need for action to the patrol area.

Arrived on the spot, the GPG found clear signs of forced entry on the main shutter that was found to have been forced about twenty centimeters from the ground.

Internal reclamation showed no signs of intrusion. The hit of the thugs called “panettone thieves” failed thanks to the security systems of Italpol and the swift intervention of the patrol that with the operational room operate in synergy 24 hours a day.

The controls continued overnight with a special service of inspection supervision by our GPG, which together with the operators of the plant, monitored the situation and protected the site from a second attempt of theft.