Law Enforcement Remembrance Day

A day to celebrate the commitment of law enforcement

Article published on newsremind.it

The celebration day of those who have passed, beyond each one’s own religious or secular approach to the anniversary, is born from the universally felt need to commemorate those which, in the life of everyone, performed an important role. I don’t speak exclusively of parents for children, grandparents for grandkids, or relatives, by blood or by marriage, or friends passed away prematurely and/or tragically.

There are in fact “other” figures, those which represent law enforcement that, even if not necessarily belonging in the group of relatives closest to each of us, for the role carried out to protect each citizen and defend the fundamental values of our civil society, those who make the ultimate sacrifice of their life, take on a familiarity, such importance, that they cannot not be honored on a day in which the recollection, better still the memory, with all the evocative power that distinguishes it, unifying and epic, reiterates the aggregating and vivifying rites necessary to reaffirm and strengthen the social contract to which we feel civically tied to.

Our society has reached such levels of complexity for which, to manage such terrible tasks result in some objectively arduous cases, despite the waste of human and economic efforts put in place by institutions to respect their own mission in some way within the field of security.

Collaborative spaces remain inevitably active between institutions and the citizenry, spaces in which other figures operate that I am honored to represent in these few lines, those who in an absolutely anonymous way, with spirit of service, dedication, and humbleness collaborate daily with law enforcement to “safeguard and protect the patrimony, public and private, carrying out crime prevention and suppression tasks, mainly of a predatory nature, committed to damages of movable and static goods subject to its supervision and safekeeping.” I’m referring to the “Guardia Particolare Giurata” (armed security guards.)

That figure, that we remember in the collective imagination, passing through the streets to monitor the city on their bike in their “Metronotte” iconographic vest, has acquired nowadays something other than a profile of professionalism and humane, operational, and technological competencies, necessary to keep this figure relevant with the times. The esteemed declarations from clients that my men and their work have received, specifically for the security management services during the G20 held in Rome the past days, confirm as much as I have affirmed.

This example of active collaboration, that can’t and absolutely does not want to replace exclusive role of protection, prevention, and suppression reserved to law enforcement, constitutes in the opinion of the writer a virtuous model that makes him proud to be able to be a part of it to some extent.

It’s therefore also to these women and men that spend every day in their own service, to the protection and security of the community at the risk of their own safety, that I send my deepest thanks.