Kicking and punching at a door

Drunk guy gets stopped by GPG

An early 2020 troubled for a boy who has attracted the attention of the Operational Room of Italpol Vigilance, awkwardly triggering a report of theft at one of our users in the Aurelia area.

Video surveillance of the camera showed a person with a clear DUI knocking on the door until he punched her.

Immediate the assignment of two patrols of Italpol Vigilanza: the GPG Andrea M, and the GPG Roberto C.

The two found the boy lying on the ground in front of the entrance, awakened by the GPG, the boy in a state of confusion repeated several times that he was wrong and lost, did not remember anything.

The police arrived at the place contacted by the Italpol Vigilance Operations Room, who verified the identity of the boy and contacted an acquaintance for the return home.

The reclamation carried out by the GPG has not emerged any anomaly to the structure.