Italpol Vigilanza enriches the Laserwall Security Pack

Parnership signed for the security of 5.000 buildings in Milan and Rome

Milan, February 2022 – Laserwall, the Italian technology that enables the integration of home automation and digitalization services in condominium management with advanced communication systems to users through an interactive digital notice board and dedicated app, announces their collaboration with Italpol Vigilanza, the leading Italian company in the field of private and public surveillance, security, and cybersecurity services for over 40 years.

Following the partnership between the two Italian entities greatly expanding throughout the territory, 5.000 buildings in the areas of Milan and Rome for a user base of around 250.000 people that can use the call service by means of the notice board and app, available for all registered complexes, 24/7. In case it’s necessary, the call will advise the operators within the closest Italpol Vigilanza patrol, that thanks to geo-localization will reach in little time the complex that requested assistance.

The agreement enriches the Laserwall Secruity Pack: a series of useful tools and services to support the security of a building’s inhabitants, but also who goes to work in or maintain them.

To promote Italpol Vigilanza’s services in the complexes:

  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm systems connected to the operation center
  • Bodyguards
  • Unarmed security
  • Supervision of people and transportation.

Laserwall will make display spaces available on all the notice boards involved. Furthermore, the selected buildings in Milan will be protagonists of a promotion and awareness tour: Laserwall and Italpol Vigilanza will oversee informing the building’s inhabitants on changes or news to the notice board and about security and video surveillance products.

We are happy about having this synergy with another Italian company, one that is solid and dynamic” affirms Salvatore Dolce, Founder and CEO of Laserwall, “We work constantly to increase the services offered to administrators and citizens to guarantee a service more and more robust, also through valuable partnerships like this one. We are certain that Italpol Vigilanza’s services will be of interest to our complexes and that Milan and Rome will be trailblazers to extend the collaboration to other cities“.

As experts in the security sector, we know how important immediacy is to the interventions we offer; our Operations Center, active 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, enables timely actions and checks following signals from the alarm systems connected to private residences, companies, public entities, and commercial activities. We are convinced that we bring great added value to the inhabitants of the buildings in Milan and Rome in which Laserwall is present. Furthermore, the visibility on Laserwall notice boards and the informative tour will enable us to get to know in a more detailed way our array of products, arriving directly in the houses of many users.Giulio Gravina, Cofounder of Italpol Vigilanza.

Speaking of Laserwall

Laserwall is the technology that connects buildings to the opportunities of their neighborhood, integrating updates on condominium news. Through the app and digital notice board, people have access to exclusive promotions, socialization events and meetings, useful information, and professionals whose services may be needed.

Laserwall is, moreover, a new digital media platform that allows for low costs and a high level of profiling, accessible to both huge brands and small businesses. The installation of the digital notice board is free and is useful to administrators, condominium managers, and businesses that desire to directly and innovatively engage with the local community in which they operate.

And speaking of Italpol Vigilanza

Italpol Vigilanza protects and safeguards people, residences, and businesses since 1975. The company leader in the surveillance and security sector is present all around the national territory with its services including:

  • Video surveillance;
  • Cyber security;
  • Securing high-risk sites;
  • Maritime and airport security;
  • Territorial defense;
  • Scaffolding and structure protection;
  • Openings and closings of businesses;
  • Bodyguard activity;
  • Unarmed security;
  • Receptionist;
  • Steward and even more.

The company’s flagship location is the Operations Center, active 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, the beating heart of Italpol Vigilanza’s activity.