Italpol has developed new intrusion alarm systems: SID&IP

Siem Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention

Coronavirus today represents a challenge not only in the field of medicine, but also in the field of security. Since Covid-19 entered our lives, they have changed. One of the first big changes was the massive use of smart working. This has forced that, in parallel, the tools of cyber security were strengthened. In Italy, one of the first companies to have accepted the challenge was ITALPOL, a leading company in the field of supervision and preventive safety. As CEO Giulio Gravina explains: “One does not always have the sensitivity to treat cyber security with the same care as physical security. No one would leave their servers in places accessible to anyone – he continues – and yet, in many cases, there is no concern to protect their systems from cyber attacks, unintentionally leaving the doors open to criminals on the network”.

“For this reason, even more during this emergency period, the combination of “Smart working and Cyber Security” has become the winning combination of ITALPOL. “Companies are restructuring quickly to continue their work, often not fully evaluating the aspects related to cyber security,” said Gravina. ITALPOL has instead found a winning formula to counter the phenomenon, through the creation of Work Force Management, a platform, curated by the Technical Research and Development Office of ITALPOL, able to coordinate and organize the work at a distance, according to the principles of cyber security by-design.

“The Cyber Division of our company – says Marco Dal Puppo, security manager of the Cyber and R&D Division – has set up an internal protection system, now also improved for its customers. They are active penetration testing, assestment, risk assessment and awareness platforms able to verify every aspect of IT and to secure the data and the work of Italian companies and infrastructures”.

Not only that, recently the ITALPOL group has developed the Siem intrusion detection & intrusion prevention system, especially dedicated to small and medium users. The tool, another jewel developed by the Technical Research and Development Office, will allow not only the scanning of logs and access, but also to intercept all hacker attacks on the network, whether corporate or domestic. The user will receive information on their mobile device and automatically will be alerted to the ITALPOL operating room, active 24 hours a day. ITALPOL will also be able to provide GDPR reporting for professional firms and small and medium-sized Italian companies.

Article from www.unfoldingroma.com