Italpol and security of phase 2

Italpol ready to ensure safety in phase 2

ITALPOL, since the beginning of the epidemic from Covid-19, has faced the emergency with an immediate reorganization of the staff, to protect its employees. “We have promptly equipped our operators with adequate protection devices – explains Marco Dal Puppo, Technical Director and R&D of Italpol Vigilanza – and at the same time we have adapted our offer to the new needs of our customers”.

It is easy to think of the crucial role played by these realities during Fase1, that of the lockdown, in which the service provided has ensured the presence of bodies, institutions, companies and production sites. “ITALPOL, which currently provides employment for 2,500 employees, – continues Dal Puppo – has trained more than 300 men in this period to perform an accurate access control. We also set up a new figure, that of the Covid Manager”. This new role, imposed by the circumstances (ITALPOL also oversees some health facilities that have been recognized as “Centers Covid”), has allowed workers to follow specific training courses on how to detect the temperature, wear masks, to be kept in line with needs and to protect against the risk of contagion.

“With the closure of the airports, – underlines the director Dal Puppo – the operators have carried out their service, using new tools and equipment. For example: the metal-detector pallet has been replaced by the thermometer and the control of the passage has been transferred to the bodycam for the recording of the paths”.

The commitment of the supervisory companies in Fase2, where contacts with the public are increasing exponentially, is more delicate. But Dal Puppo reassures: “Actually, for us it doesn’t change much. Thanks to the experience gained in Fase1, which has enabled us, with foresight, to have created masks for our employees, we continue in the name of safety and protection of workers and our partners. On May 4, we provided our customers with over 600 thermometers, anticipating what their needs would have been. Although some structures still show some shortcomings with respect to the governmental provisions issued, our support remains constant. We are also technology suppliers and we are always up to date with new regulations. One of the last issues addressed and which has raised some doubts and concerns, concerns the use of the camera”. “I remember – concludes the director – that it is lawful, as the guarantor of privacy says, as there is no recording, nor storage of the sensitive data, but it is only a gate to verify the presence of the conditions to allow access”.

Article from www.unfoldingroma.com