Italpol: air of change and innovation

Improving the service and ensuring the safety of operators

The company has recently created Work Force Management, a solution to optimize the management of operators’ work, reduce manual processes, simplify procedures and allow a significant reduction in intervention times.

Italpol has chosen to integrate the Axon Body 2 device, a wearable camera that allows the collection of images, into the service equipment of the operators. This choice is part of a broader strategic plan that aims to equip all the Security Guards of the most advanced technological systems in order to ensure their safety and to protect the company’s assets.

The choice to equip the Special Security Guards of the Axon Body 2 camera also allows you to integrate this device directly with the Work Force Management in order to match the information collected by the system with video images.


Italpol has started the field testing of Bodycams in the railway sector and more precisely in Roma Termini station, collaborating with the working group responsible for safety of Grandi Stazione Rail Spa.

“The decision to choose Axon was determined by two main factors,” says Marco Dal Puppo, Italpol’s Security Manager. “The first are the specific features for the needs of the supervisory institute, such as the robustness, the charging time, the quality of the batteries that guarantees the use for the entire round, the speed of data transfer and the possibility of interfacing with your own systems. The second factor, even more important, is Evidence.com, a complete test management system”.

Evidence.com is Axon’s dedicated digital evidence management system (DEM) that allows you to safely and easily manage digital evidence, from video to images and audio, as well as any type of document, such as PDF and Word files. It is accessible via the cloud and therefore ready to use and can be activated as soon as law enforcement distributes the cameras. Each camera worn by an agent has a unique associated ID. When the agent places the unit in the base, the movie is automatically downloaded to the agent’s Evidence.com account, where you can add notes and files on the case.

The Axon Body 2 is a single-unit wearable camera that delivers HD-quality video, a field of view of 143,- and more than 12 hours of battery life. The possibility of having video footage of any critical situations during the shift of service has a twofold advantage: first, undoubtedly a power of deterrence against those who could manifest aggressiveness, until the commission of violent acts against the surveillance officers; the second, to document the course of events in the most critical cases, thus protecting the proper work of the agents from reconstructions of flawed or tendentious facts.


During the experimental phase, which lasted 30 days for a total of about 500 shifts, 77 videos were made concerning all areas of Roma Termini station. The Special Guards Jurors documented their work by carrying out inspections, local inspections and removals and, thanks to the use of Axon Body 2, were able to document and certify the correct performance of the service.

The use of wearable cameras has allowed to significantly increase the level of security inside the station, generating a greater perception of security both by users operating daily inside the station, both by travellers who have transited through the facility during the experimental period.

Currently the wearable camera Axon Body 2 is in service at the stations of Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina, at the airport Orio al Serio in Bergamo and at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

“A final factor that determined Axon’s choice was the need to find a long-term solution that was scalable and flexible,” adds Dal Puppo. “The aspiration of Italpol is that, as for law enforcement, the electrical conduction device TASER is also given to operators of public safety: this could start a window of opportunity for adoption by the supervisory institutions private, And Italpol has always been constantly in search of non-lethal systems, and less than lethal, and given the latest news, the apex of an escalation of aggressions whose aim is precisely the possession of the weapon of ordinance.”

Article from www.economymag.it