Interview of Adnkronos to Giulio Gravina

Lack of masks at the supervisory company

The director of the supervisory company: “We made them by hand before we found them and bought them”

“With personal protective equipment we had great difficulties the first month. Today at least the guards work according to the law. But not because of others. To us it arrived zero: the State, the Civil Protection has never given us even a mask. When the masks were not initially found, we commissioned a group of five people to make them, now we have bought them. We have about 800 people between Milan and Bergamo, we could not wait and it was essential to protect them”. Speaking to Adnkronos is Giulio Gravina, director of Italpol, supervisory company.

“Ours is a company of 3000 people that serves great customers, also strategic like transports and hospitals – Gravina explains – While we have recorded a decrease of the job to the Inps or in the ministries, drastic has been the reduction in the airports: we have the contract of the vigilance in the first 5 of Italy (Fiumicino, Malpensa, Linate, Bergamo and Salerno) and on that front we have recorded a decrease of beyond 300 people. On the contrary, there was an increase on the hospital front. The guards now make, even with technological tools, checks on people to measure their temperature. Here the situation is different, our men are treated as if they were operators of the same hospitals where they are actually working far beyond their duties. They are also dressed in scrubs, headphones, glasses”.

Positive cases have also been recorded among the security guards, always on the front line and in close contact with the public. “We of Italpol – confirms the administrator – between Bergamo and Milan we had 3 cases Covid, one of which in intensive care came out last week. In our office, instead, we organized in smart working investing in serological tests for administrative employees who from now to May 4 will all return”.

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