International Best Practices Award Information-Culture-Economy 2020

The reasons for obtaining this international award

Best Practices 2020 awards are jointly organised by Newsreminder
with the European Parliament – Ufficio Italia in order to bring out the most
Commendable, the guiding experiences, the “good practices”.

Professionals, entrepreneurs, employees representing civil realities, and all those whose experience has an impact on our interconnected society: They are the protagonists of the Best Practices Awards 2020 are called by Newsreminder in collaboration with the European Parliament – Italy Office in order to bring out the most praiseworthy initiatives, the guiding experiences, the “good practices”, including behavioral.

The Winners are, in a personal capacity, members of law of the Scientific Technical Committee Authors of King Mind Living and will give in this context contributions of ideas. The International Best Practices Information – Culture – Economy Award was presented in a think tank Re Mind that saw the greetings of “the hosts” Carlo Corazza, Director of the Italian Office of the European Parliament, by Paolo Crisafi, President of Re Mind Filiera Immobiliare, and the Minister for Education Lucia Azzolina, the Minister for Public Administration Fabiana Dadone, the Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism Lorenza Bonaccorsi, by the President of the Commission for Cultural Heritage and Public Education of the Senate Riccardo Nencini and the President of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti.

Moderator of the award ceremony: Alessandro Galimberti, “Buona Pratica 2020 Section of Economic and Regulatory Newspapers” and President of the Order of Journalists of Lombardy.

Massimo Santucci, director of Newsreminder:
“in a state of emergency like the one we are experiencing, there is no festive atmosphere in delivering awards, but we feel even more the responsibility to give the prizes to those who put their heart and mind in what they do, being an example for others”.
Carlo Corazza, director of the office for Italy of the European Parliament: “Good practice at European level is the way to strengthen a common strategy against the pandemic and to create a synergic basis of initiatives between Member States that can lead to a gradual economic recovery. Only from this unity of intent will it be possible to emerge strengthened after the health emergency that has deeply affected all the states of the union.

Good practices on living that are the subject of in-depth discussions between the European Parliament and Re Mind Immobiliare especially with regard to the issues of urban regeneration, green economy, the security of territories and cities and related buildings and facilities. More generally, the collaboration between the European Parliament – Ufficio Italia and the new editorial project Newsreminder is aimed at enhancing good practices in the fields of information, culture and the economy, establishing the best practice awards that have been evaluated by a multidisciplinary jury chaired by Franco Mencarelli (adviser to the Court of Auditors a.r.) where Paolo Crisafi also participates, the active president of and Re Mind Real Estate Chain which is among the main founders of best practices in Italy.

The work published in the volume was carried out thanks to the contribution of the Assembly of Extremadura, the International Cooperation Agency for Development of Extremadura (AEXCID), the Embassy of Italy in Spain, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Assembly of Estermadura, the Provincial Council of Cáceres, the Provincial Council of Badajoz, the University of Extremadura, Patrimonio Nacional and the SEGEI (Socio Economic Governance and European Identity) network.

Article from www.europarl.europa.eu