Foiled Robbery

When reality is tinged with noir

This also happens, our particular security guard in the right place at the right time.

Late in the evening, the patrol of Italpol vigilance was stopped in radio contact with the Operations Room to define some points on the site just reclaimed, a supermarket, when the windshield turns into a screen worthy of a noir in an old cinema drive-in.

GPG is watching a robbery attempt live. To his surprise, a car with lights off slowly approaches the fence of the site and then stops in the unloading area. Three shady individuals come out with irons in hand that with feline step go to the gate. But just as he was about to start the action and his breath was suspended, the GPG has bravely put to flight the thieves who as in rewind have returned inside the car and with make more scaciato than the arrival, They ran away under the flashes of some street lamp.