Cybersecurity in pink

The new project supported by Italpol Vigilanza

Italpol Vigilanza supports the project Cybersecurity In Pink, the role of education in digital security, created by Professor Marco Bacini at University IULM.

The training course stems from the data revealed in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020, which shows an overview of the low involvement of women in management roles within the various areas of information security.

At the press conference for the official presentation, held this morning at the Chamber of Deputies, together with Sir Giulio Gravina and Dr. Damiano Toselli, respectively Co-Founder and President of Italpol Spa, were also present:

  • Dr. Liviana Lotti, ACN Executive – National Cybersecurity Authority
  • Honorable Federica Dieni, Vice President of Copasir – Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic and guarantor of parliamentary control over the activities of the Italian secret services
  • Dean of University LUM Professor Antonello Garzoni and Professor Marco Bacini
  • Dr. Pierluigi Pelargonio, Security & Resilience Director at SKY Italia
  • Dr. Massimiliano Brolli, Head of the Read Team at TIM and founder of the Red Hot Cyber Community

“To the task of guaranteeing inviolability of physical locations and the protection of every material good, is added today the complex management of the impenetrability of the digital, business, and individual sphere in our sector. For us, this means investing important resources in the education of professionals that can represent the company’s progressiveness in the evolution of a segment within our activity that will continuously present increasingly complex challenges”. – Giulio Gravina, Co-Founder of Italpol Spa.