Burglary foiled, thieves on the run

Attempted theft thwarted in a Roman supermarket

At 22.00 on Wednesday, June 3, a new alarm of theft reached the monitors of the Operational Room of Italpol Vigilanza. Immediate verification by our operators and the dispatch of the patrol for inspection.

On the spot, the GPG detected a cut fence and the anti-panic door torn out. Soon the discovery of the criminals, escaped aboard a minivan without a rear plate.

The patrol in aid of our GPG, has been hindered by an abandoned car placed to the center of the road in order to reach the supermarket with the attempt to slow down the participation.

On the back of the store a bonfire was lit, an additional element to distract the vigilance.

From the internal reclamation carried out by the GPG, was found a damage to the safe from which the thieves were not able to remove anything, thanks to the swift and strategic intervention of Italpol Vigilanza.