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The need to protect themselves against harmful acts sensibly involving the private sphere.
Relying on Italpol, able to ensure the safety and thus a better quality of life is the need of every citizen and every family.
Italpol is at your side to help prevent hazards, reduce risk, protect your assets and protect your loved ones with the most advanced technologies, from satellite systems to the possibility of having the alarm at your Smartphone

Company and Public Administration

The companies are micro-community within which they may have different needs related to security. Ensure efficient protection of the environment and the people who work there is a fundamental responsibility for Italpol,
Italpol has also forged strong relationships with public authorities, in order to define the most appropriate procedures for the protection of cultural, historical heritage and health and the protection of persons who daily work there



Commendatore Domenico GravinaWe live in a world that puts a strain on our certainties, where we fear that this’ there is more expensive may be removed or may be damaged and it becomes increasingly difficult to be trusted.

The Italpol Group was created to give you all the security you need, so you can live without excessive loads of anxiety and responsibility.

A team of experienced professionals ready to address the causes of your fears, to be vigilant about your interests and your loved ones so that ‘nothing disrupts your life.

Because your life deserves the best certainties.


Comm. Domenico Gravina


Preparation and self-defense

Training Standard

Formazione Italpol

For Italpol it is essential to pay particular attention to personnel training. The purpose is to give a complete and professional preparation to achieve maximum operational response.
The Italpol beginning of the year program of specific and supplementary training courses addressed both to their security guards to be unarmed personnel for specific reception services. Students are instructed carefully on the proper execution of the services, for which applies the regulations drawn up by the Internal Supervisory institutes on the basis of the Consolidated Public Safety standards.
For training courses, internal or external, certificates of participation are issued to individual employees.

  • Aspetti e norme di competenza del codice civile penale.
  • Regolamento relativo al Testo Unico delle Leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza (TULPS).
  • Limiti e applicazioni nell’esercizio del potere direttivo nelle sue singole espressioni.
  • Esercizio del potere di vigilanza alla luce delle norme enunciate nella L.300/1970.
  • Approfondimento dell’art.2 della L. 300/1970 (impiego delle guardie particolari giurate in compiti di tutela del patrimonio aziendale.
  • Addestramento presso il Poligono di Tiro Nazionale all’uso ed al maneggio delle armi.
  • Arti marziali per la difesa personale.
  • Concetto di rischio e come i rischi possono essere gestiti.
Regular courses of training and update
  • Primo soccorso medico, con particolare addestramento per l’utilizzo dei defibrillatori in dotazione.
  • Prevenzione e norme comportamentali in caso di incendio.
  • Addetti Squadra di Emergenza ed Evacuazione D.Lgs. 81/2000 (ex D.Lgs. 626/94) e s.m.i. (D.Lgs. 242/96) e del D.M. 64/98.
  • Igiene e sicurezza sul lavoro (D.Lgs.81/2000).
  • Legge n. 675/96 “tutela delle persone e di altri soggetti rispetto al trattamento dei dati personali (D.Lgs. 196/03).
  • Analisi del ruolo delle figure aziendali coinvolte nel progetto di sicurezza.
  • Acquisizione dei concetti alla base della protezione dei dati e della sicurezza dei sistemi informativi.
  • Corsi specifici per strutture ospedaliere, procedure di gestione degli allarmi delle Banche Biologiche.
  • Piano per la prevenzione e gestione delle emergenze e piano evacuazione.
The Training

allenamento ItalpolItalpol pays particular attention to the physical training of the security guards and plans, thanks to a studied Sports Project, a rotation of the resources that are continuously formed and prepared to any operational difficulties that require interventions of defense.
Instructors used are former athletes who have distinguished themselves in significant competitive activity.

The practical training is performed by experienced instructors (mostly former Israeli and American military) with instinctive shooting exercises in various operational situations and through fighting techniques necessary to neutralize potential attackers (suicide terror), techniques for identifying suspect (body language, expression, voice, posture, gestures, etc …).
The training is completed by the teaching of methods to obtain the modification of the supervisory system in order to avoid the routine and therefore the possibility of an attack on the system.

  • Tecniche di Profiling e Screening.
  • Tecniche per la difesa personale passiva e attiva.
  • Tecniche di scorte speciali.
  • Tecniche di gestione della crisi.
  • Tecniche di contromisure operative.
  • Tecniche di difesa personale.
  • Tecniche R.A.I (Reazione Automatica Immediata).
  • Tecniche di bonifica ambientale.
  • Ispezioni con metal-detector e radioscopiche.
  • Ispezioni con i rilevatori esplosivo.
  • Ispezioni con unità cinofile.
  • Tecniche di lettura dei sistemi di controllo (ER.D.S.) (EDDS).
  • Tecniche per la tutela di aree private soggette al segreto di Stato (NOS).
  • Tecniche per la difesa di obiettivi sensibili.
  • Tecniche per il controllo accessi e la tutela di edifici e aree pubbliche e private.
  • Tecniche per la conoscenza del territorio.
  • Tecniche speciali per reparto audiomobile.

Italpol offers Security Services and Supervision of measure, designed to meet every need

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