Italpol born in Rome in 1975 like Istituto di Vigilanza ITalpol Inchieste Speciali S.r.l.

sede_italpol_1975_slideThese forty years the company grew exponentially both in terms of human and economic resources.
Growth built using the most advanced technological systems, and maintaining an up-date its staff, through internal and external training courses. This did reach on Italpol incredible and significant results.
Thanks to the synergy between its various companies (Supervisory Institute, Society of Trust Services and Technological Companies) today Italpol is able to offer complete and integrated security solutions. Italpol is present in Italy with its offices directives of Lombardia, Lazio and Campania and is able to offer services in other provinces, directly or with different partners coordinated by the main headquarters.
All Italpol companies have formed inside them control bodies and adopted a code of ethics, identifying actions and precise methods. All this with the goal of putting the rules to the various company management system, standardizing procedures, through the adoption of models of legality, loyalty, fairness and economic efficiency in both internal and external relations.
Italpol reached in 2014 a total turnover of over 100 million Euros and has about 2,500 employees.

Sede ItalpolThe Company

Italpol delivers integrated security services and solutions through:

Vigilance and Investigation
The license Supervisory Prefectural enables Italpol Institutes operate on the territory of Lazio and Lombardia, province of Napoli, Brindisi, Foggia, Sassari and Olbia Tempio.
Italpol Vigilanza S.r.l. responds professionally to the needs of its customers

Trustees Services
Italpol Servizi Fiduciari S.r.l. is a company specializing in the organization, coordination and provision of Fiduciary Services throughout the country.

Systems and Security Solutions
Standard System Engineering S.r.l. and Nuova CSM S.r.l. is a company operating in the design, installation and maintenance.

Vigilance and Investigation

Italpol Vigilanza S.r.l. responds professionally to all of its customers needs through:

  • Accurate risk analysis.
  • The definition of the objectives to be achieved.
  • Studies and feasibility projects thanks to the contribution of own specialized companies.

The Supervisory Institute coordinates and manages all Italpol locations that are able to provide services of:

  • Supervision Army Fixed Inspection and Supervision.
  • Telecommunications link and First Aid on Alarm, Monitoring Service Satellite Mobile communication.
  • Of alarm and video surveillance patrols.
  • Transportation, housing and counting money and values.
  • Caveau services.
  • Services with Canine units.
  • Anti-Piracy Maritime.

The Prefectural Investigation license to brew Investigative Services throughout the national territory and, on request, also abroad, through a specialized group of operators.

Company Data:
Italpol Vigilanza S.r.l. – Capitale Sociale € 6.000.000,00 C.F./P.IVA
e Iscrizione Registro Imprese di Roma 05849251003 – R.E.A 932397

Systems and Security Solutions

Nuova CSM S.r.l. are companies operating in the design, installation and maintenance of:

  • industrial electrical equipment, explosion-proof and fire detection.
  • security systems, CCTV, CCTV.
  • control instrumentation.
  • Telephony, data transmission.
  • supervision systems.

The Italpol technology companies employ highly qualified staff, to meet the security needs of its customers. All this is possible thanks to a careful analysis of the needs and risks in order to develop the most effective and appropriate solutions.

Company Data:
Nuova CSM S.r.l. – Capitale Sociale € 49.000,00 C.F./P.IVA e
Iscrizione Registro Imprese di Roma 11235711006 – R.E.A 1288888

Trust Services

Italservizi 2007 S.r.l. is the company specialized in the organization, coordination and provision of Fiduciary Services throughout the country.

  • Reception and Switchboard.
  • Logistic Operator.
  • Unarmed security guard.

Company Data:
Italpol Servizi Fiduciari S.r.l. – Capitale Sociale € 10.000,00 C.F./P.IVA e
Iscrizione Registro Imprese di Roma 12269371006 – R.E.A 1361721

Italpol offers Security Services and Supervision of measure, designed to meet every need

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Internal Training

The Italpol beginning of the year program of specific and supplementary training courses addressed both to their security guards to be unarmed personnel for specific reception services

40 Years of Experience

For over 40 years Italpol operates in delicate areas of Supervision, and the Transport Depot, Investigation, as well as in that of the Observation and Security Principals, assuring customers a highly effective and professional service.

Quality Certifications

For Italpol one of the main objectives is the constant monitoring of the quality of the services and solutions offered to their clients.


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